Technology to Education: A Catalyst to Create New and Effective Method of Educating Learners

Jackylou G. Alberto
Teacher III, Maragol Integrated School

No education system can be better than its teachers. This is a truism that happens to be true in any educational institution despite all that is said and done about traditional technology-based learning. However, we teachers, are the thread that tie various reform and change initiatives to bring about the transformation in education.

Traditional technology has proven its effectiveness in the teaching-learning process before the health crisis emerged, the gap between our “digital-native” learners and the teachers should be addressed. We should learn the right tools, allowing us to meaningfully connect with our learners through digital technologies.

Instruction doesn’t consist primarily of lecturing to learners who are confined in four walls of classroom, sitting in rows and dutifully listening to the teachers, rather, offers every learner a rich, rewarding, and unique learning experience. The educational environment isn’t just confined to the classroom but, instead, extends into the home and the community. Information doesn’t bound primarily in books; it’s available everywhere in bits and bytes.

Technology-based learning and online instruction as a silver bullet has come with very little warning. In line with the government’s “New Normal” initiative, many of us are constantly on the fore of blending technology and education into a more cohesive unit. The technology to education will provide a future solution that can be applied to teaching-learning process, a possible future where classes will not be limited by global events like COVID-19 pandemic, hence, the technology that we are using today will leave a great impact to education.

To ensure that no learner will be left behind, it is best to learn the most basic applications and softwares that will allow us to maintain a sense of connection with our learners, too. We are encouraged to find alternative solutions to continue the education of learners even in time of health crisis.

Continuing education in a technology-driven environment is important, now more than ever. As educator that is equipped with proper knowledge and skills, our learners will be able to grow up to become their best selves.

Ensuring and providing our learners with quality education has always been our focus and our mission. I am one with Department of Education (DepEd) in ensuring that our learners continue to learn in this unprecedented time. Now more than ever, it is important for us to work together to safely provide quality education by maximizing the use of educational technology.

We are living in unsual times, and we have been forced to adapt very quickly, with very little warning. No one said it would be easy, but adopting new digital tools and ways of working, it’s possible for us to continue to deliver the quality education. Technology to education this new normal can be a catalyst to create a new and more effective method of educating learners. As a teacher, I must adapt to the fast pace and evolving education than any other period in the recent history. A growing awareness to us educators and families that today’s curriculum needs to evolve to meet tomorrow’s reality. As a teacher I have to put in mind that information technology is beyond tools.