The Benefit of Evolving Technology in School through the DepEd Computerization Program (DCP)

Technology is a powerful tool in transforming learners. It can help affirm and
advance relationship between educators and students.
Our Schools Division Office should be incubators of exploration and invention.
Educators should be integrator in learning, seeking new knowledge and constantly
acquiring new skills alongside their students. Education leaders need to set a vision for
creating learning experiences that provide the right tools and supports for all learners
to thrive.
However, to realize the benefits of modern technology in our education system
and provide learning experience, Teacher needs to use technology effectively in the
teaching and learning process.
The Department of Education is geared towards the transformation of education
through the DepEd Computerization Program (DCP).
DCP aims to provide public schools with necessary technologies that would
enhance the teaching-learning process and meet the challenges of the 21st century.
Under General Appropriations Act (GAA), the budget to support the procurement
of computer hardware and software was made.
The objectives of DCP are:
1. Provide computer laboratory packages to elementary and secondary schools;
2. Provide e-classroom to elementary and secondary schools;
3. Integrate Technology in the school system; and
4. Raise the ICT literacy of learners, teachers, and schools heads.
Every DCP package has different function. Some packages a Client-Server
Configuration with NComputing System on it while the other has a Stand Alone
The DepEd Central Office – Information and Communication Technology Services
(ICTS) ensures the effectiveness of the DCP program as well as the deployment of the
computer packages all over the country. The ICTS, through the Regional and Division
ITOs are responsible in monitoring and evaluating the program. They are mobilized to:
1. Validate the compliance of the recommended schools with the selection
2. Assist the schools in preparing for the delivery of computers;
3. Supervise and coordinate the delivery of computers to the schools;
4. Monitor the utilization of the computers in their respective region; and
5. Submit report on the implementation of the program.
The ICT Coordinator of every school is the one responsible in maintaining the
cleanliness, functionality and security of every peripherals of the unit.
The service provider of the DCP Packages conduct a training seminar on how to
use DCP Packages of schools. Under warranty, the provider also provide technical
The Division Information Technology Officer conduct a mid-year monitoring to
ensure that the DCP packages is being used by learners, teachers and school head. A
monitoring tool to ensure that the packages are in good condition and compliant with
the requirements of an e-classroom has also been crafted. It also identifies issues and
concerns that serve as basis in providing technical assistance.