The Difference Between A Boss And A Leader

By: Maria Luiza M. Olo

 Why is a boss different from a leader? According to The Oxford Dictionary, “a boss is a person who is in charge of a worker or organization while a leader is a person who leads or commands a group, organization or a country”. Therefore, a boss indicates specific and holds a higher position where he is in-charge, he has power over his subordinates while a leader is never just a person who uses power despite of his position.

One of the differences between a boss and a leader is how he handles conflicts or problems. A boss never puts himself accountable to the problems of the organization instead he holds his people accountable and blames them. He lets his people to solve the problem. He is insensitive, whatever comes to his mouth and reactions to display, and he does not even care if he hurts the feelings of his people. He shows and tells that his people are a failure. While a leader does not blame his people, he involves himself to the problems of the organization. He gives solutions to solve the problems. A leader is sensitive, he can certainly control reactions and which emotions to show. He wants his people to feel successful even after failure.

Another difference is that a boss will never listen to his subordinates. He thinks that his subordinates do not have a power or knowledge to impart in the organization’s success. He is not open to any suggestions, ideas and thoughts that his subordinates can share. He only knows how to provide instructions. He only orders what is needed to be done because a boss is close minded to the people who . do not have power and position. On the other hand, a leader is open-minded; he listens to everyone no matter what the position is. He will show how things are being done. He thinks that everyone can share knowledge and ideas. Also, he sees thaf everyone can be part to the success of the organization.

Lastly,  a  boss  does  not  even  care  about  the  welfare  of  his·   people.. He  is  selfish, only cares for people with powers and positions.  Subordinates  do not have the right to disobey and make excuses because following his instructions is a must.

On the other hand, a leader thinks what is best for his people. He knows their needs. He motivates and helps them to grow.

Having those differences can help a person to determine on how he manages his people and the organizations. Are you a boss or a leader?