The Home, School and Community in Nation Building

Marichele M. Merculio
School Principal II
Rizal Elementary School

In reality, we live in an imperfect world where we sometimes feel discomfort, dissatisfying and turbulent life. Life, indeed, confronts our minds and hearts to be happy, content and peaceful against struggles, chaos and disagreements. We could not deny that life brings us challenges, changes and imperfections. And every one shall be prepared with these realities. Remember, what we become tomorrow is what we are today.

The school and community build our nation as we prepare our young generation to the real world. The saying, “It takes a village to raise a child,” gives a sensible remark that we have a great social responsibility to look into in guiding our children to be productive citizens of our society. The home, school and community shall work together to ensure that these young people are ready for more challenging tasks as the world confronts their survival abilities and life skills.

Risks, pains and failures are part of their journey in this world. In order to cope with these, lifelong learning is needed to keep them stand still against life uncertainties. Self-rule and self-worth must be always in great importance as to make life meaningful. In helping our children to grow, they must be nurtured not only with the knowledge and skills but also with a strong character of having right values and attitude.

In schools, values formation is taught and learned and this shall be further strengthened at home and in community. Values are learned through strong influence of the environment. They absorb what they observe around with a strong conviction that it is the right and best thing to do. Thus, everyone is accountable and responsible to be the best examples to our young learners.

Life preparation for our children is not that easy. It takes time and effort to help them realize their dreams of becoming their best self later. As we want our children to grow right and productive, they must live with good family and community relations in order to see life at its best even the world exists for sufferings and sacrifices. This is where everyone in the society shall build a strong nation for them to be more prepared in the real world. The home, school and community shall take full responsibility of preparing our children for a more fulfilling life ahead as they take bigger steps in the future.

If the youth are the promises of tomorrow, we, today, are their light to overcome their failures and disappointments in life. They need us to mold their self-being and find their worth as individuals. It is actually a “rolling stone” explanation that acquiring values and skills in the society never ends. What they learn from us today is what they value for tomorrow and goes on. True enough that home, school and community have their crucial roles to teach our young generation what is best for them so that they would live a happy, content and peaceful life in our hands.

It is believed that social influence makes sense in the growth and development of the nation. Apparently, life education is the best preparation for our young learners whose skills and competencies are honed under the supervision and guidance of the people around them. Teach them to be happy, fulfilled and inspired that their small voices are heard and they can make something more and better to live a meaningful life against all oddities and ironies of the real world later—that together we can beat the life uncertainties, differences and injustices as we build a better nation as one.