The Impact Of Covid 19 To Our Daily Lives

By: Jocelyn R. De Guzman

Covid 19 is a global pandemic which began in Wuhan China that slowed the facet of our lives. The impact of this in our daily life is extensive, It has affected the life of every individual in different walks of life . It has rapidly controlled our life and movement. Early detection of the virus at an early stage is crucial to manage the spread of this causing disease .

Countries have imposed restrictions of travelling from one country to another. Provinces ,Municipalities down to Barangays are locking their populations and implementing Strict Home Quarantine to prevent the increase of this highly communicable disease. People are advised to stay home in order to be safe, Social gatherings are being discouraged .Emphasising on taking extensive hygiene protocols such as regular washing of hands ,avoidance of face to face interaction, social distancing and wearing of face mask.

This pandemic has affected our daily life and businesses , Companies and manufacturing industries have slowed down their manufacturing of products . Companies temporarily if not permanently closed and stop their business transactions resulting to bankruptcy of which has an effect of losing the jobs of their employees and caused untold pain for millions of people, thus making their lives more difficult and adds to their burden of surviving poverty .