The Importance of Knowing Your Employees

By: Maria Luiza M. Olo

Employees are one of the important resources of the organization. Without them, the organization will never function properly. It is necessary to know the employees as important in understanding the customers. How will the organization serves the customers if he does not even care about the employees?

A leader needs people to follow him. So being a leader, it is a must to know whose those employees are. Show to them that even as a leader,  you are interested to know them more. Knowing their wants, needs behaviours, personalities and work styles are essential to build strong connection with them. It will help  you  to understand them, the way how they make decisions which will help on how to discipline and commend them. Also, it will build a sense of trust and mutual respect within the organization because it makes a big difference  in the workplace especially in terms of the employee’s performance, job satisfaction and employees turnover. If the employees feel that they are appreciated and they  have a leader  who  support and trust them, then there will be an engagement among employees. Employees will become more efficient and productive if they feel respected and honoured as individuals in the environment where they are working. Employees will also feel that they are not working just for the salary but they are looking forward to work with the people that surround them. Employees will be committed  to  achieve  the organization’s goals and values and motivate  them  to contribute  in the  success  of the organization.

Another importance of knowing the employees is to identify what is best for them. It will help to understand what will make the interest of the employees. In that case, you can easily delegate and assign duties and tasks that are suited to them. . It may also discover skills, talents and traits that can be used in the organization. Also, it will give an idea to push and challenge those employees for them to grow as· a professional and get the best of their abilities. This will help the organization to excel because as an employee’s growth is striving, the same goes as well to organization,’s  development.

Knowing the people who are working in the organization will never put you down instead it makes you a good and effective leader. Be compassionate and connect with people in the workplace. Behind the organization’s success, are the hard works of those employees.