The Importance of Technology in Our Lives

Lourdes P Mendoza

The available form of technology just keeps increasing, and many are heavily dependent on them. Being able to access the internet and other online tools at any time is essential for most people. Here are some of the technologies that most people can’t imagine living without. First, we shop online. People can save more time and effort buying items that they need and wants. Aside from can save money in commuting, some online selling has no shipping fee. As we have read from an article, more than 80% of the online population have used the internet to make a purchase. The second one is we manage our money online. Currently, people do use online banking rather than going to bank for the withdrawals of their money. In addition, even mobile phones can be used to transfer money, to check their balance and to pay bills using the applications. The third one is we find our way. The GPS was introduced by the military in the late 80’s; a navigation system is a requirement for people to help in reaching the destination of a person they might be looking for. It is now a common sight to see people leaned over their mobile phone as they track themselves on a map towards their destination. The fourth one is we share pictures and moments online. Pictures and moments can be treasured forever. As one person sees and goes back the memory, they feel comfortable for what they did and they can be cherished all the happy moments they have shared together especially for friendship that never ends. Most people have the ability to take a picture whenever and wherever with their mobile phones, and can quickly share a moment via social media with giving very little, or no explanation. Finally, we do have video calls. Video conferencing is more reliable nowadays especially for the grandparents who cannot be accessed through online applications because of their ages. Nowadays, many people use video-calls to get in contact with friends and family, or even to have remote business meetings. Recently in school, teachers and students can make a video call for learning process during this pandemic. In order to make a face to face interaction, video conferencing can be more productive for the students to learn. That’s why, they can learn also when there is disaster hits the world.

According to, it is clear that technologies are already seamlessly integrated into most people’s everyday life, then why are not more people with mental health problems given the option to receive therapy online? If we embraced innovation in mental health care as we do in our everyday technologies, we could improve access to care for the entire population. Even for culture groups where mental health problems carries great stigma. Let’s empower people to take charge of their own mental health in a way that fits into their daily life!