The Power of A Smile

By: Maria Luiza M. Olo

Smiling gives a good vibes and start to everyone. It makes life happy and light even though there is a problem. The power of smile gives a good start when shared with others. It is wonderful to know that with just a smile, it changes the day of everyone. It gives hopes and happiness to those who have struggles in life. It makes the other person smile as well and feels those good vibes.

Coming to the office everyday is a joy despite of the workload and long hours of. The power of smile brings bout happy thoughts that working everyday is not a burden. Happiness is connected to productivity and better performance. When an employee is happy, he is most likely has greater energy to do his jobs and responsibilities. A happy employee is more efficient and productive. He is focused on what he needs to be do than those who are unhappy focusing only on his time. Also, a happy person has a good health, positive mind and grateful heart that having a work is a blessing.

Smiles also indicate that a person is friendly and trustworthy that he is not a threat to everyone. It increases confidence and trust levels of an employee. Also, smiling helps to build strong camaraderie among employees. When an employee becomes happy, there will be a big chance that his co-employees will become happy too because happiness is contagious. It will boost the mood of his colleagues. It makes everyone feel that they are accepted and welcome. In connection, employees are happy to work and collaborate with each other. There will be a unity and cooperation at work. These will help to lessen conflicts and increase the performance of the organization.

Also, smiling makes a difference when an employee is having a bad and hard day. It gives lighter mood and helps him to think straight and be able to solve his problem. So, a smile is powerful because it has great impact and influence and it changes the behaviour of an employee. A happy employee is not only staying in the organization for a higher salary but for the passion and love for work. Also, he is looking for an environment where people are optimistic, no jealousy and hatred and able to share ideas openly without rejections and judgement and being able to see that his contributions help to the good outcome of the organization.

There is an immense power within a smile. It gives hope and positivity to everyone. So, it is imperative for us to smile to everyone to make them feel the love and camaraderies. Help other people to smile and live longer.