Thinking About Thinking:  Way Of Teaching For Meaningful Acquiring

  Teacher III

Educators are thinking on the best way to effectively transfer the knowledge and skills that they have to their learners. This idea will suite to the need of the learners to be understood by their teachers in the such a way that educators will be able to foresee how the learners think for them to identify various perceptions while learning.

When teachers are putting themselves in the shoes of the learners as they are designing the teaching and learning process they want to be implemented, they are putting metacognition into action. Engaging to this kind of approach will enable the educators to design appropriate lesson plan that will results to the learners’ maximum participation, uplift performance and achievement. Thus, they will deeply develop the value of sympathy and empathy.

Prior Identification of the learners’ behavior and ideas before the implementation of the T-L process will enable the educator to identify learning activities that are appropriate for the learners, thus will enable them to perceive challenges that may arise in the part of the learners as they are undergoing the through the process. So, they will plan and implement activities for wider and deeper acquisition of knowledge and mastery of skills. They will also be able to apply effective and smooth classroom management practices that will contribute and enrich the process.

As the teachers continuously employ this process, it will bring impact to the learners. They will be able to identify appropriate means of learning regardless of their diversities and unique preferences. They can use this advantage to acquire new and relevant information that will enrich their minds and actions. This will result to the development of independent learners.

As the learners will master this way of thinking, they will treat every learning events as challenges and opportunities to learn and show their abilities. Also, it will encourage them to reflect and realize that they should learn and master everything in the process of learning. Furthermore, they will be able to enjoy and engage themselves in all learning activities designed for them intended for enrichment and development.

Developing independent learners through metacognition will give a chance for easier way of identifying rooms for improvement in terms of teaching and learning process providing by every school. Indeed, it is a chance for educators to think innovatively for alternative ways that will enhance their teaching practices.

Having independent learners that will be developed through metacognition will strengthen the role of educators as a guide on the side. Wherein they will be able to maximize the potentialities possessed by the learners. Metacognition is inspired to strengthen personal learning as well as it is a meaningful way of sharing teachers’ and learners’ perception that is beneficial for both of them.