Touching Hearts…Touching Lives…Proud to be a Teacher !

By: Jocelyn R. De Guzman

Teaching is the noblest profession as they say…Why? Not everyone is meant to become a teacher, I believe it is also God’s calling that brought us into this world of educators.

As I remembered it was not my ambition to be a teacher instead it was my father’s decision for me to take Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED). He believed that it was the most in demand profession then knowing that in every Barangay, Elementary School will soon rise because of the increasing population. I realized that my father made a very good decision, because as I graduated in 1993 and passed the Professional Board Exams for Teachers (PBET) on the same year, I got my permanent position on the following year. So I told myself…It was God’s plan and teaching is really meant for me.
My first assignment was on a mountainous area where most of my students were natives, they lived on the mountain side, they are the Dumagat. Their way of living was different from mine. They lived a very simple life and at a very young age they learned and helped their family earn for a living. One thing I noticed was that they could hardly understand the lessons, maybe because of their way of living…that they had to work the same time they had to study to change their lives in the future. I learned to be more compassionate and understanding, not asking and expecting too much from them instead I helped them to dream and change their lives.

As a teacher, you should not only teach the day’s lesson but should also touch the pupils heart for you to understand where these pupils’ behaviour is coming from. You cannot expect them to be what you wanted them to be for we all know that every child has his or her own personality depending on their environment and culture…individual differences as what they call it. Some maybe good, some maybe not…some may cause troubles because of their childish and naughty acts ,you just have to understand that this maybe because of some deficiencies in their home or environment that prompted to get your attention. Remember they also needed to be loved, accepted and understood like every child …like all of us.

Indeed teaching is a work with a mission…a mission to mould the youth of this generation not only educationally but also socially, physically, morally and spiritually as well as developing him to a total person that he should be. I’m glad I’ve done my part and I’m proud to be a teacher.