Uplifting School Leadership And Management Engaging The School For Betterment



Principal IV

Being an administrator of a school is a very challenging task. It requires maximum application of knowledge, skills and values. As a leader of the school, you must engage yourself thinking and acting in such a way that it will bring not only personal success but in bringing great positive impact to the school, the learners, teachers, parents and the community as well.


Sharing vision in the school community to express your goals and objectives for the school is an essential process. In doing so, leaders should employ effective way of communication that will enable them to enlighten the mind and touches the heart of every people that are involved in every program and activity planned and aligned. 


Building sound relationship between the teachers and supporters is indispensable. Leading a school, will not be easy when you as a leader will work alone for the school’s success. One should build cooperation with all the people to acquire needed man power and resources. Every project requires force and work but these will not progress if you have limited resources. A leader should be innovative in maximizing everyone’s participation and resources for the fulfillment and completion of the project. 


Good intrapersonal and interpersonal communication are needed and must be applied. A leader must be expert in communicating to others, knows his/her strengths as leader for easy identification of room for improvement and development. If a leader is truthful to himself/ herself, he/she will know what are the assistance he/she needs. Interpersonal communication means you have respect to everyone. Respect and acceptance of the ideas from others that will contribute and enable you to have deeper realization of the aspects that will bring positive outputs not just for yourself but for everyone. When a person is aware of his/her own strengths and weaknesses and possesses skill on how to deal with others it leads to progress that contribute success to the projects and achievement of set goals and objectives.  


A good leader must possess interpersonal communication. It pertains to the ability to communicate for different purposes. Being honest and sincere in communicating to others will enable the listener easily understand and read beyond the lines. Thus, it will bring clear interpretation to what you really want to imply. If the listener easily comprehends, this will motivate him to listen further. As he will process it, there is a great tendency for him to have deeper realization on the help and assistance that he may contribute. An open communication will result to successful implementation of the projects. 


Through these ways of communicating it will result to clarification, identification and application of back up plans in the occurrence of consistencies and challenges. Thus, eliminating negative effects that will make the process easier and faster so that triumph of the projects to be implemented is indeed the possible output. 


A good administrator will not only give instructions and commands but models or engages himself/herself in every situation that calls for immediate action for attainment of the specific and general goals and objectives of every activity and program of the school.