Ways In Improving Good Behavior In The Workplace

By: Ms. Winnie S. Valdez

An office is a building or room in which people work at their desk doing business or professional activities. Office work is normally carried out in the office and it is usually a clerical or administrative task in an organization. Office worker is often referred to a person who works in an office.

In the office, a worker encounters employees who have good and bad behaviours.Often times, some employees gossip about one another, coming in the office late. There are those who show lack of interest in their work. These attitudes are considered as unpleasant in the workplace and can bring down the morale of employees who do right in the office. Unprofessional employees come from all age groups, either new or old employees.

It is really unpleasant to be in an environment where some employees do unlikable behaviours which affect their efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

There are several ways on how to improve good behaviour in the office. An employee should remember that things change, that life is too short, and that time must not be wasted.

One should behave in a professional manner with co-employees. An employee needs to act in a way, the way you want other to behave. Discourage office gossip. When employees engage in negative conversations behind each other’s back, stop it. Let them realize that it is not what is expected of them as a public servant.Fellow employees should be treated as an asset to the organization and they should be motivated by explaining the potential for promotion to higher-level positions in the company. If you are a boss, develop a mentoring program for new employees to help them get acclimated with the organization. Assign someone they feel comfortable with to provide guidance on the types of behaviours that are acceptable in the office and those that are not. Ask employees to leave their problems at home

And lastly, love one another and make things you can be proud of.