Ways to Increase Employee’s Productivity

By: Agnes P. Baluyot

Employees are one of the integral parts of every company because they help in growing the business. Keeping them happy and motivated can increase their productivity and improve their efficiency. Here are some ways to get the most out of your employees and ensure that their productivity is kept to a maximum level:

  1. Be Efficient. Prioritizing is one of the difficult things to do. So, think of the best way where the employees can achieve their daily goals. Provide a plan and encourage them to make “to-do-list” to ensure that they accomplish prioritized jobs that can result into efficient working.
  2. Motivate and Give Rewards to Employees. Telling employees that they are doing good in their job and motivating them to work harder and receive rewards in return can more likely to increase productivity high up on their to-do list. In addition, appreciating the efforts of employees and recognizing their success in front of other staff can also motivate them to strive harder.
  3. Reduce Distractions. Social Media is one of the reasons for employees to not perform well on their job but it is not practical to ban the use of phones during working hours. In this case, always reiterate the company policies regarding the use of mobile phones and encourage employees to turn off their mobiles but take regular breaks during which they can be free to check their phones.
  4. Improve workplace conditions and Right Tools and Equipment. One factor to increase productivity of employees is a comfortable workplace where both heating and air-conditioning systems are in working order when the relevant season comes around. In addition, providing employees with the right tools and equipment is important so they can perform their duties efficiently and on time.
  5. Ensure Employees Are Happy. A stressful workplace will not give good results. Workers that continuously work under highly stressful environment can be less productive and can have higher levels of disengagement and absenteeism. Showing employees how much the company values and respects them can make them less stressful and happy in the workplace.

If you want your employees to work to the best of their ability, try out a few of these tips and enjoy the benefits.