We Are All Cowards

Glenda L Viola
Teacher III

In every story, there is a beginning and ending. Everything in this world, however good it is bound to meet the end. No matter how you cherish it and no matter how delicate you handle it, you can’t stop it from breaking or being torn. Thus, what you could do best is to take good care of it, while it lasts. Within the time that it is in your hands, cherish it by all means that you can.

Likewise the most threatening thing that could happen now is the world’s destruction. It was and is still not taken care of. The world is a delicate gem that God has provided us. If those things cherished so much still breaks, what more could happen to Earth taken for granted?
What if our environment is near to destruction? What are you going to do if our precious Earth perishes right before your eyes? You can’t tell yourself, “What can I do? It already happened.”

We always want to do whatever pleases us. We always do things knowing what happens next, knowing what consequences we would face after. That’s how brave we are while damaging the Earth but we are all coward to face the result of our every move. We are all coward to take responsibility for the wreckage of our environment.

Rivers where our ancestors wash their clothes can’t even reflect the skies. It was occupied by fishes then, but now, it shelters trashes. It seems to be liquid trash area. What just happen to our gem?

Trees that are home for birds, now are furniture for people. We produce so much furniture from trees but we don’t reciprocate the gift of nature. We don’t give back. We always take everything. Global warming might be the warning of Mother Earth but we don’t seem to be frightened or even notice the signal. We are too blinded by our greed.

It’s a good thing that some government sectors are taking the initiative to rehabilitate the environment. They encourage us to mimic them and clean the land and water resources. It’s just sad that only few are practicing the program.

The Department of Education (DepEd) celebrates Science Month during September. Their theme this year is “Environmental Sustainability through Students’ Innovativeness and Creativity” and all their activities entail conservation of resources.
Through this, students learn to reuse, reduce and recycle by means of their thinking outside the box and what improvement could they suggest or make to help rehabilitate the environment.

With this move of DepEd, we hope that every student will take his/her part in the program to save and love Earth again. Change starts in oneself. Change begins with one move and it radiates. Start within yourself. Start cherishing the Earth while you can, while it’s in our hands, before it’s pushed to destruction.

Start within you and our precious gem, Mother Earth, will be healthy again.