What Should Teachers Possess?

Randy F. Del Rosario
Teacher III
Munoz National High School – Annex

They say that soldiers are the frontliners of defense against external aggression. But when one talks of the country’s vision towards progress, teachers are the FIRST in line. They are the ones who help mould the minds of the youths and prepare them for real-life battle. Whether one likes it or not, teachers do have a part in what one has achieved today, be it good or bad.

According to an article written by David Brooks on October, 2005 “mind” has now taken over “muscle”. And knowledge is now the most important weapon in economic development, especially in our country. Experts believe that education is the only means for the poor to go up in society and improve their lives. But how can people achieve true quality education? Who should give this to them? Who should teach them? What should teachers possess to be able to inspire and encourage their students?

First of all, a teacher must love his work. He/She is an educator and so he/she should love teaching. (Not because your parents told you to be so or friends influenced you to be one.) The passion to love the learners should always be present in the heart of the teacher. This could be shown through caring, loving and treating them as his/her own children.

A teacher must also be young at heart. No matter how long he/she is in the education profession, it is important for him/her to keep in mind that the students have young, innocent and fragile minds. Therefore, age must not be the gap between him/her and the learners. A heart that has natural love, consideration and respect for the children is essential.

A good shepherd. This is another quality that a teacher must also possess. He/She must guide the schoolchildren towards the realization of their dreams. And not as a hindrance to their potentials but instead, a springboard towards the achievement of their vision in the future. He/She must always keep in mind that the student’s success is also his/her success. In one way or another, teachers are a part of their achievements.

The teacher must also have a vigorous personality and should be physically and mentally fit. It is very valuable for teachers to have a healthy body and mind to endure the challenges of dealing with diverse learners.

Flexibility and resourcefulness must also be present in the teacher’s quality. Being able to adapt in any given circumstance inside and outside the classroom and utilize everything that’s within the premises in order to make the teaching-learning process easier and more fun for the learners.

Honesty is also one of the traits of a teacher. He/She should always remember that students looked up to their mentors as their role model. Therefore, a teacher must be able to show the value of honesty and integrity.

And lastly, a teacher must maintain a good relationship with God and the community and must project that God is always within, in everything they do and everything they say. This will lead to a good relationship to the community.

With these traits present in the teacher’s arsenal, it is evident that teaching is not only as a source of living but a way of living. Giving everything they have with no boundaries and limitations, without even considering their own welfare.

It not easy to have all these traits in one person. But with all the teachers portraying and doing everything that is within the bound of their duty, they may be able to possess all of these. With these, we should realize that teaching is not only a profession but rather a PASSION.