What to do in times of crisis?

Dei Chiara Abao

The year 2020 shocked the world with the COVID-19 virus which has spread to 213 countries and territories and two (2) international conveyances (Worldometer, 2020). As of July 7, 2020, the total number of confirmed cases all over the world is 11,468,979. In the Philippines, there have been 46,333 confirmed COVID-19 cases with 1,303 deaths (World Health Organization, 2020). 

The Philippine Government placed the major cities and provinces on lockdown last March 16 to contain the spread of the virus. Travels, schools, mass gatherings and other business operations were stopped. People were advised to stay-at-home (Luna, 2020). For this, over two (2) million employees were displaced during the first five weeks of the Luzon-wide ECQ (CORONAVIRUS – The situation in Philippines, 2020). Many families lack supply of food because of the temporary shutdown of operations. 

Most people are struggling financially, physically, mentally, and spiritually this pandemic. Here are some things to do in times of crisis:

  1. Put your confidence in God – Trust God’s ways and surrender your worries to Him. Until now there is no vaccine for COVID-19. All you can do is to believe in God for He controls everything. 
  2. Obedience to Authority – the National and Local Government constantly remind the public to always wear face masks, to observe social and physical distancing and to stay at home. The people must continue to obey health protocols to help prevent the spread of the virus. 
  3. Support local businesses – Filipinos cannot be deterred from making a way to earn a living. Online businesses are emerging offering different kinds of goods like kitchen supplies, home appliances, baked products and other food items to satisfy the people’s need during the lockdown. Buying from them is a simple way of helping them finance the daily needs of their family. 
  4. Inspire – Some people might be experiencing anxiety during lockdown. This season is the perfect time to inspire and encourage them to continue hoping that this pandemic will come to its end soon. 
  5. Treasure moments with family – this crisis provides an opportunity to spend more time with your family, to talk to your kids and bond with them and to rebuild broken relationships. 
  6. Invest – invest time to improve by developing skills, enhancing talents, learning new hobbies, having regular exercise and practicing healthy diet. 
  7. Volunteer – have time to offer free meals and medical supplies which will not harm your own finances. 
  8. Enhance and Explore – Enhance your earning capacities by exploring other ways and means of opportunities to augment your income in light of this pandemic. 

Always remember that it is not only you who is experiencing difficulties; thus; it is only proper to put your trust in God and extend help to others in any way as the Bible clearly tells us what to do especially in times of crisis.