WINNING FRIENDS: A Happier Workplace

By: Agnes P. Baluyot

Many people spend a large part of their adult lives at work. So, working hard to build friendships with colleagues in order to make workplace a happy environment really makes sense. Making friends is not easy but is necessary because it is one of the key contributors for being happy at work that increases employees’ productivity and creativity.

Here are some tips on how to win and have friends:

  1. Involve Yourself. Most organizations have sort of social events in order to meet colleagues socially and make friends. If your company doesn’t have any social dealings, it is beneficial to have lunch with colleagues or travel together whenever possible.
  2. Do Not Rush. A true friendship cannot be rushed, so take time and let things progress naturally. When making friends, it does not have to involve impressive and obvious gesture. Simple things like greeting your colleagues in a friendly way at the start of the day or offering coffee or tea can be the ice breaker and foundation of long lasting friendship.
  3. Find What You Have in Common. One way to discover things that you might have in common with your colleagues is listening to them. If you pay attention, you’ll know the things that will help you to start building rapport.
  4. Don’t Over-share. In an effort to make friends with someone, sometimes it is very tempting to reveal your personal details. Sometimes, over sharing your personal life can have a negative effect and can discourage people from seeing you as a potential friend. So, it is better to stick with topics like what you have in common or work related until you get to know each other well.
  5. Don’t Engage in Negative Interactions. If you want to build a meaningful friendship with a colleague, it is important to be guided about office politics and gossip. Do not be persuaded to try to join the office faction or to spread gossip in the workplace. Instead, focus on engaging with colleagues in a simple, positive way.