Yes to Positivity!

Dominador M. Orpilla, PhD

    Who wants to be surrounded by people who bring the atmosphere down and who are always waiting for bad things to happen? Perhaps no one would dare to be stressful and have negative outlook in life that can hold back happiness. In every life’s situation, there are things that one should be grateful for. One is to be able to see the good side behind the worst experience in life.  What is important nowadays is to find what works for an individual in inviting positivity in life.

It is really impossible to get rid of negative people, however, if one is brought down all the time by these people or the situation, maybe it is the best time to totally get rid of them. As they say, surround yourself with positive people. This also may help one not to worry about other people. One should stop relating and comparing his/her own success and happiness to other people because it will only lead to a very hard and stressful life, filled with failures. Instead, one should focus on what would make him/her happy. 

However, if one is not happy about something in his/her life, make a change. As mentioned, if one finds himself/herself hanging around with people who always bring him/her down, he/she should reassess whether he/she needs those relationships.

What creates positivity more is the magic word “smile’. Even if one is feeling a bit sad or totally sad, he/she should force a smile, crack a joke, watch comedy shows, whatever works for him/her because that will certainly invite good vibes. Life is really meaningful if one smiles. And when one smiles, he/she probably thinks of happy moments/thoughts. Sometimes it is useful to put everything one thinks on paper. If one receives nice compliments, achieves something awesome, etc. jot it down. Thinking of happy things will probably let one’s heart alive. Doing something that makes one happy will bring more meaning and excitement to his/her life and will make him/her happier and more positive in the long run.

Remember not to look back but instead look forward. Past is past as they always say. It does not change anything if one constantly thinks of the bad situations that happened in his/her life. One should go forward by forgetting the past, enjoying the present and moving/looking forward to a better future.